DEADLOCK Update: Online Leaderboards

We are pleased to announce that online leaderboards are now live! We are looking forward to competing with you all for the highest score! Other minor improvements have also been made. Read on for the full list of changes.


Global Online Leaderboards. Leaderboard displays the top 9 players and where your best score falls globally.
Updated configuration options. Settings for antialiasing level and bloom can now be configured.
Simplified score GUI to remove unnecessary information and focus on score.
Drone reactivity has been improved. Inflicting damage yields more satisfying reactions.
Added a screen effect indicating when the player receives damage.
Added a special effect to make dealing headshots more noticeable.
Improved laser sight VFX, new version is easier to see where shots will land.
Fixed a minor bug with some shaders that caused mesh outlines to appear less clear.
Multiple minor performance enhancements.

We hope you have fun, and good luck getting the highest score!