ROOT 1.4 Out of Beta

Hello Steam community. Today we are happy to announce that ROOT 1.4 is live! Your feedback during the open beta really helped us balance features and squash bugs. Almost all elements of the game have been improved since version 1.3. A brief rundown of improvements:
New higher quality meshes
Rendering and lighting improvements
Layout changes and visual improvements to all ten levels
Improved enemy navigation AI
Smoother and more intuitive melee combat. Using the Blackjack and Kick are more intuitive
Stealth gameplay is more flexible and faster paced. Enemies now display an alert GUI before noticing you
Added dificulty settings (Easy, Normal, Cyber Terrorist)
Added more intuitive attack animations to Final Sentinel
Many miscellaneous fixes, improvements and optimizations

We hope you have fun! And as always,
Happy Hacking, Cyber Terrorists!

–¬†Skunkape Interactive

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