DEADLOCK Update: Wave Defense: Powerups, Difficulty Settings and Balance Improvements

Today we are releasing a small update to DEADLOCK. Changes are as follows:


4 Powerups have been added.

  • Frenzy: Your weapons will never overheat as long as the Powerup is active.
  • Overshields: Grants you 1 additional life.
  • Reflex: Enemy lasers travel in slow motion as long as the Powerup is active.
  • Quad Damage: Self explanatory. As long as the Powerup is active, your attacks do Quad Damage!
Difficulty Settings

Difficulty can now be set to Easy, Normal, or Hard.

  • Easy: Easy Mode is good for new players who are getting used to the game and anyone who wants to play a more casual mode. Guns take a lot longer to overheat, enemies have less health and enemy attacks are easier to dodge.
  • Normal: Normal is the best difficulty for most players who have played a few rounds. Guns take a bit longer to overheat than on Hard and you still have the advantage of Powerups.
  • Hard: Hard is the way the game was originally balanced. Best for experianced players who want a challenge. Guns overheat quickly and there are no Powerups, so speed, accuracy and dodging are critical.
Misc Changes
  • Player hitbox adjustments make it less likely to hold the Shield so close to your body that lasers can hit you through it.
  • Made changes to make switching to the Shield easier.
  • GUI updates: Settings have been divided into tabs. Added a tab for Difficulty and added tabs to the Scoreboard reflecting each difficulty.
  • Added a visual effect for weapons overheating.
  • Multiple performance optimizations.
  • Added a dialog prompt suggesting Player switch to Normal after beating Wave 10 on Easy.
  • Added a “Confirm Exit” dialog.

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