DEADLOCK: Experimental Touchpad Movement Training Course

In an effort to widen the horizons of First Person Shooters in Virtual Reality we have been developing a first person movement system for room scale VR. In our system you can use the touch pads on the Vive controllers to move your character in 3D space, while still being free to move about your playspace as you normally would. This system comes with some drawbacks, namely it can be difficult to adjust to and may cause motion sickness. Therefore we are releasing our training course map so you can jump right in and share your experience with us! We believe that the potential for a system like this is huge. The system supports full world collision as well as falling.


After spending some time with this system, gathering feedback and walking into bookshelves, it is clear to us that large scale FPS style environments are a non starter for VR (at least in it’s current incarnation). Therefore, future updates will focus on more room scale wave defense content for DEADLOCK.

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