ROOT 1.4 Out of Beta

Hello Steam community. Today we are happy to announce that ROOT 1.4 is live! Your feedback during the open beta really helped us balance features and squash bugs. Almost all elements of the game have been improved since version 1.3. A brief rundown of improvements:
New higher quality meshes
Rendering and lighting improvements
Layout changes and visual improvements to all ten levels
Improved enemy navigation AI
Smoother and more intuitive melee combat. Using the Blackjack and Kick are more intuitive
Stealth gameplay is more flexible and faster paced. Enemies now display an alert GUI before noticing you
Added dificulty settings (Easy, Normal, Cyber Terrorist)
Added more intuitive attack animations to Final Sentinel
Many miscellaneous fixes, improvements and optimizations

We hope you have fun! And as always,
Happy Hacking, Cyber Terrorists!

–¬†Skunkape Interactive

ROOT 1.4 Update: Performance and Antialiasing

Hello ROOT community. Tonight we are releasing another update to the 1.4 Beta. Compared to previous updates this one is relatively minor, but significantly improves the core experience. Most notable improvements are performance optimizations and fixes to antialiasing.


– Optimizations to AI and level rendering result in significant performance gains
– Fixed a small but noticeable AI navigation bug
– Antialiasing now works as expected
– Small layout change to Level 5 based on results from playtesting
– Balance tweaks to Final Sentinel
– Added visual feedback to the “Apply” button in the configuration GUI
– Fixed some minor rendering bugs related to transparency and depth sorting

More improvements to come!

ROOT 1.4 All Levels Now Available

ROOT 1.4 overhauls many features of the game including melee combat, enemy AI, lighting, graphics rendering and the game’s difficulty. In today’s update all ten levels are now available and have been rebalanced and updated for better visual quality and smoother gameplay.


– Extensive layout changes and visual changes to levels 3,4,7,8 and 9
– Slight changes to levels 5 and 6
– Fixed some issues with enemy navigation AI
– Fixed some rendering bugs
– Smoothed collision geometry in fight with Maxwell’s Daemon
– Balance tweaks to Final Sentinel and added more intuitive attack animations
– Overall performance tweaks

Thank you for playing ROOT, and be sure to keep giving us feedback about the game.

Happy Hacking, Cyber Terrorists!

DEADLOCK: Experimental Touchpad Movement Training Course

In an effort to widen the horizons of First Person Shooters in Virtual Reality we have been developing a first person movement system for room scale VR. In our system you can use the touch pads on the Vive controllers to move your character in 3D space, while still being free to move about your playspace as you normally would. This system comes with some drawbacks, namely it can be difficult to adjust to and may cause motion sickness. Therefore we are releasing our training course map so you can jump right in and share your experience with us! We believe that the potential for a system like this is huge. The system supports full world collision as well as falling.


After spending some time with this system, gathering feedback and walking into bookshelves, it is clear to us that large scale FPS style environments are a non starter for VR (at least in it’s current incarnation). Therefore, future updates will focus on more room scale wave defense content for DEADLOCK.

DEADLOCK Update: Wave Defense: Powerups, Difficulty Settings and Balance Improvements

Today we are releasing a small update to DEADLOCK. Changes are as follows:


4 Powerups have been added.

  • Frenzy: Your weapons will never overheat as long as the Powerup is active.
  • Overshields: Grants you 1 additional life.
  • Reflex: Enemy lasers travel in slow motion as long as the Powerup is active.
  • Quad Damage: Self explanatory. As long as the Powerup is active, your attacks do Quad Damage!
Difficulty Settings

Difficulty can now be set to Easy, Normal, or Hard.

  • Easy: Easy Mode is good for new players who are getting used to the game and anyone who wants to play a more casual mode. Guns take a lot longer to overheat, enemies have less health and enemy attacks are easier to dodge.
  • Normal: Normal is the best difficulty for most players who have played a few rounds. Guns take a bit longer to overheat than on Hard and you still have the advantage of Powerups.
  • Hard: Hard is the way the game was originally balanced. Best for experianced players who want a challenge. Guns overheat quickly and there are no Powerups, so speed, accuracy and dodging are critical.
Misc Changes
  • Player hitbox adjustments make it less likely to hold the Shield so close to your body that lasers can hit you through it.
  • Made changes to make switching to the Shield easier.
  • GUI updates: Settings have been divided into tabs. Added a tab for Difficulty and added tabs to the Scoreboard reflecting each difficulty.
  • Added a visual effect for weapons overheating.
  • Multiple performance optimizations.
  • Added a dialog prompt suggesting Player switch to Normal after beating Wave 10 on Easy.
  • Added a “Confirm Exit” dialog.